Our Services

We can resize your usable discs for only $1 each.

We will provide all your work stations with a disc rack.

We will pick up and deliver for free.

All discs from Disc Industry come with a money back guarantee.

Why Choose Us

Return on Investment

We can save you $191 daily based on using approximately 100 4½ inch discs per day, based on one of the best makes, 3M Fiber Disc, 36 grit.

Go Green

If you are a typical company, you throw hundreds in the trash daily by not recycling your 7 inch sanding discs.

No extra time cost

We not only drop off the racks for the used sanding discs, but we will also pick them up and pay you!


Our Guarantee


Whether you are now buying 500 or 5,000 dollars’ worth of 4½” sanding discs in a month, Disc Industry will cut your cost in half on the 4½” sanding discs. If we do not accomplish this, Disc Industry will provide free one month’s worth of 4½” sanding discs, guaranteed in writing.